Dmitrek Zlobinski (zloba) wrote in zlj,
Dmitrek Zlobinski

zlj post v4.3

Hello people. I've created this community to support my widget zlj post. (what is the widget?). A little more information about widget follows.

This version of widget supports:
- iTunes music detection (song/album/author)
- Login/password storing
- Mood setting
- Security setting
- Posting to communities
- MD5 password encryption "on the fly"
- Password saving option
- Widget minimization
- Auto-minimization option

information about widget on apple's site

screenshots under the cut.

widget screenshot:

minimized widget screenshot:

widget settings screenshot:
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i downloaded the widget but i dont know how to start it. what do i clikc to start it?
first of all, make sure that you're using Mac OS X 10.4 (it's a default operation system for Apple computers).
if you're using osx 10.4, then unzip the archive and double click the "zljpost4" file. If you see it as a folder, probably you have some other OS and cannot use this widget.
I have my username and password set correctly, but what do i put in the "community" setting??
if you'd like to write a message to community, fill it's name there. Otherwise, left it blank.
This is good to know.